Liberty Baptist Church

An Independent Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA



• Enjoying Marriage in the Golden Years
Taught by Pastor & Mrs. Tomlinson in the Fireside Room

Marriage is the most important of all human relationships. It has the potential
to bring the most happiness and fulfillment to your life. It also has the potential
to hurt, scar, and destroy your life! God did not intend marriage to hurt you but
to help you. Come and learn the principles that can ensure that you are still
enjoying marriage in your golden years.

• Keeping Romance Alive
Taught by Eric & Julie Johnson in Room AD-11

So, you have been married for a while and things are comfortable. Don’t let
that spark fizzle out! Come learn practical tips that will help you keep romance
alive in your marriage! 

• For Better For Worse (Family Challenges)
Taught by Doug & JoAnne McMains in Room AD-13 (School Office)

Most married couples have made the promise at the wedding altar “to love
and to cherish… for better or for worse.” It’s easy to follow through with that
vow when times are “for better,” but when the times are “for worse” it’s a
whole different story. Every marriage experiences trials; and these times will
either strengthen us or defeat us. Come learn how to thrive in your marriage in
even the toughest times.

• Enjoying Life as a Single Adult (Singles)
Taught by Dennis & Morgan Reece in Room AD-15

I was a single adult for 15 years. I spent most of that time miserable. Desiring
things that never came. It wasn’t until I put into practice the truths of how to
enjoy the single life that I found joy being single. This important truth came to
me in a very unlikely way, when I…

• Staying in Love With God (General Class)
Taught by Kevin & Janice Cyprian in Room CC-18

Staying in love with God is a choice we make. We love Him because He first
loved us. Some of the best advice we could follow comes from John the
Baptist when he said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Come and be
encouraged to grow closer to God.


• Helpful Bible message from Pastor Dwight Tomlinson: “The First Marriage” Genesis chapter two


• Special music provided by the West Coast Baptist College Tour Group

• Split sessions for men and ladies with Dr. & Mrs. Toby Weaver
(The Weavers have been married for over 43 years and have two sons in full-time ministry)

• Cake and coffee reception following the service in the Community Center

• Photo opportunity for couples (photos will be emailed the following week)