Liberty Baptist Church

An Independent Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA

PURPOSE: Why do we exist?

Liberty Baptist Church has a bus ministry to find boys and girls, to bring them to church, and to teach them the scriptures. We are ambassadors for Christ, committed to going out into the neighborhoods for the one purpose of seeing families saved, baptized, and added to the church. We exist to transform the families we reach from “bus families” to “church families”. We exist to train others for the work of the ministry.

MISSION: What are we going to do?

1. Ask God for direction.
–Who is to be involved in this ministry?
–Where are we supposed to go to find riders?
–What is the best way to minister to the families God brings us in contact with?

2. Go from door to door inviting and encouraging households to come to Christ

3. Not be satisfied until every family on every street on our route has been contacted

4. Set-up a schedule, have written job descriptions, and regular training times.

5. Develop teams to work in the programs involved in the bus ministry.

6. Visit everyone on our route every week.

7. Follow-up with those who get saved either on our bus or in Sunday School.

8. Provide an exciting, engaging, memorable program in the morning and afternoon.

9. Teach the children to memorize scripture, have a consistent prayer life, and become faithful and productive Christians.

VISION: What will it look like when we are “done”?

We want to have faithful church members working on the bus who are well trained to deal with all types of children in a godly fashion. We want to have buses that are filled to capacity with boys and girls who are saved and happy to be in church, enjoy participating in the things of God, and have a desire to reach their friends with the gospel. We want a written weekly plan that is well thought out and designed to engage children of all ages. We want to see children saved every week. We want to have a list of families we can follow-up on for baptism and church membership. We want to see the adults in the homes saved and become active church members. We want to see an increase in the drive-in crowd because families “graduate” from the bus.

Every soul is important to God. He sent his son to seek and to save. And he gave Christians the command to “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” (Luke 14:23)

Our Bus workers go out each Saturday visiting in the neighborhoods and towns surrounding Newport Beach. The workers get involved with the riders lives and try to help parents in raising their children for the Lord.

Early each Sunday morning, the bus leaves the church parking lot traveling out to those same areas picking up riders, and providing for them teaching, encouragement and love.

Doug McMains, the bus director can be contacted at

This is one life-impacting ministry! We believe the secret to a successful bus ministry is empty buses, so we strive to reach the whole family with the good news, then train them and eventually see them drive in to become workers in Christ’s harvest field. Our goal is to reach young people for the cause of Christ. Then to reach their families and to eventually see them coming to church as a unified team.