Liberty Baptist Church

An Independent Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA

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Student Ministries

Being a teenager in this day and age can be difficult. There is a constant pressure to “fit in” and “be cool.” IMPACT student ministries is a place where you will find teenagers with similar challenges, desires, and feelings. Our desire is to show teenagers how to add real meaning to their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not offering boring, lifeless religion, but an exciting journey through life with the Lord Jesus Christ as the Master Guide!

Our youth group offers fun and exciting monthly activities that provide opportunities to grow in your relationship with God and to build godly friendships while having a blast! We also attend annual retreats, youth conferences, and summer camp.

Youth Meeting Times:



9:00 am – Jr. High Sunday School
9:00 am – Sr. High Sunday School
10:00 am – Morning Service
5:00 pm – Evening Service


7:00 pm – Teen LIFE Service


9:00 am – Teen Soulwinning